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Kira and Dove Show?
04/27/2017 Categories: Uncategorized Kira and Dove Show?

Kira Kosarin and Dove Cameron are basically two television queens. Kira is one the stars of the Nickelodeon series The Thundermans and Dove will forever be known for playing two leading roles on Liv and Maddie, since she brought the twin roles to life on the beloved Disney Channel series. IRL, these actresses are friendly and one genius fan thought of the brilliant idea that Kira and Dove should join forces on a new series, and Kira is all about it.
Kira replied back to this fan with the plotline she already has in mind and it brings both Liv and Maddie together with Phoebe.

So basically, Liv would be in distress, after you know getting kidnapped and it’s up to Maddie to find her sister. Enter superhero Phoebe who comes along to help the save the day. That would surely be nothing short of epic! And since it was revealed in the Liv and Maddie series finale that the entire time, the Rooney family has been filming a reality series called Bits and Pieces — hence why they’re often talking directly to the camera at viewers, doing confessionals like on any reality show — this would be such a captivating episode of that too, since cameras are constantly following them around. Seriously, that would be riveting! Since L & M isn’t on the air anymore, perhaps this could be some sort of movie special that would see Dove back as her twin roles, hanging out with Phoebe after she saves Liv of course. Who wouldn’t want to see that.

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8 of Actress Kira Kosarin’s Absolute Trendiest Outfits...

Actress Kira Kosarin may be only 19 years old, but she’s been slaying as the affable, whip-smart superhero Phoebe in Nickelodeon’s The Thundermans since 2013, and she’s slaying just as hard on Instagram.
Kira has absolutely impeccable style, or an absolutely impeccable stylist, or both — and she’s quickly becoming one of our absolute favorite people to follow on Instagram with her bold, trendy, and colorful ensembles.

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At Gala Del Sol 2017
04/04/2017 Categories: Photo Gallery At Gala Del Sol 2017

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