Kira Kosarin Reacts to ‘This is Us’ Name-Dropping Her ‘Thundermans’ Character
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Kira Kosarin Reacts to 'This is Us' Name-Dropping Her 'Thundermans' Character

Kira Kosarin had a seriously surreal moment last night.

The 19-year-old The Thundermans actress was referenced on This is Us Tuesday evening (October 3) and she absolutely cannot get over it.

When teaching his daughters who Lucille Ball is, Sterling Brown‘s character Randall says she is “like the girl from The Thundermans but even funnier.”

“Hey @SterlingKBrown, thanks for the shoutout!” Kira tweeted. “I’m ok with being less funny than Lucille Ball.”

“No disrespect, sister,” Sterling responded. “Suffice to say, 99.9% of all people ever born in the history of humanity are less funny than #TheLegend.”

As for Kira, well, her head is still spinning.

“Well. That’s it. One of my favorite tv shows referenced me and my tv show. I’m done. I can retire now.”

It’s probably a good thing the show chose not to reference Ally Brooke instead; we’re not sure her heart could take it.


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